Mar 2017 | News | Live Events | Legacy Systems | Greece

The annual carnival in Patras is the oldest carnival celebration in Greece, with 180 years of history. This year’s closing ceremony concluding with a massive open-air dance party featuring a live stage performance with Boney M, using HXOTHEAMA’s NEXO GEO D line array system.

The biggest and oldest carnival in Greece takes place in the town of Patras, with its floats and processions moving through all the central streets and squares. However, the big event is the closing show at St. Nicholas port, where the Carnival King is delivered to the water, to be set on fire and launched out to sea.

This year’s closing music and dance event was headlined by Boney M, playing their countless classic pop hits on a stage in the middle of town. The huge street party was attended by over 40,000 people.

PA systems were set up by Patsis Andreas and his HXOTHEAMA rental company. Stage PA consisted of L/R arrays of 7x GEO D cabinets, with sidefills of 6x GEO S12 per side, supplemented by 8x CD18 subbass cabinets. On stage, PS15s handled the monitoring.