Arriba, Aruba!
Arriba, Aruba!

Arriba, Aruba!

Oct 2016 | News | Bars & Restaurants | GEO M6 | ID Series | LS18 | Aruba (Dutch Caribbean)

NEXO’s latest compact sound reinforcement products are gracing a fashionable restaurant in an unbeatable Caribbean location. At +297, the enviable combination of indoor and outdoor space is ideally served by the different performance characteristics of 3 different NEXO systems, installed by Sun Music International.

+297 in Palm Beach, Aruba, is a high-end fusion-cuisine restaurant. With background music by day, and prominent DJs playing in the evening, this venue required a sound system which could consistently deliver excellent sonic quality at high output in a variety of weather conditions. The restaurant has a high profile – it is one of the main venues of the ‘Electric Fest Aruba’, an annual festival featuring the best European and Latin DJs.

The compact GEO M6 line array was selected for the outdoor terrace. Capable of maintaining its sound quality even when there are strong island winds, the M6 offered the high output to suit the party atmosphere of the terrace space. Two wall-mounted mini-arrays of 3x M6 cabinets, rigged with a new lightweight bumper, cover a 20m x 12m area. The M6 is supplemented with 2x LS600 subs on the ground.

“These are lightweight cabinets,” says Hely Chirinos of Sun Music, “so it is safe to fly the cluster of 3 cabinets high on the wall. The M6 is a very functional line array, and maintains its high-quality SPL even in the strong island winds. And because it is made from a polyurethane composite, it is durable in bad weather conditions.”

In the Dining Room, partially open to the elements, the system is running at lower levels. Here Sun Music has installed the new super-compact ID Series, using ID24 cabinets ceiling-mounted using brackets and a single ID S110 sub. “The output and sound quality are exceptional for such low-profile loudspeakers,” says Chirinos. More ID24s have been installed in the washroom facilities.

The third discrete area of the venue is the Lounge, a chill-out bar. Sun Music has chosen the ever-reliable NEXO PS10s for this room, ceiling-mounting 4 cabinets using U-brackets, with 2x LS18 subs, for a punchy club sound.

A combination of amplifiers has been used, NXAMP4x1 for the terrace line-array, and the new DTDAMP0.7 to run the small ID24 system in the washrooms. For the Dining Room and the Lounge systems, Sun Music has taken advantage of the new DTDController which enables them to power the PS, LS and ID cabinets with a third-party amp, in this case 3x CAMCO Vortex 6.

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