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This classical venue is home to the famous Dutch Philharmonic orchestra, het orkest van het Oosten.

The installation had certain intrinsic challenges, notably the difficulty of positioning the subs; no room for them in front of the stage, no room for them under the stage because the theatre floor and chairs retract into the space for storage, no room for them on stage because of sight lines.

The venue is not very deep.  It has two balconies, the lower one also covering the sides of the venue all the way behind the stage. At the back of the stage, there is a huge pipe organ, with seating on both sides. So performances can be staged in both directions ! A system design was required which could be angled with a high degree of accuracy to avoid reflections from the solid balcony, while providing outstanding coverage at the back.

Using both EASE and NS-1 prediction software, the solution to the puzzle was found .

For FOH, the design featured hangs of 12x Geo-S 8 per side, with PS10-R2 outfills attached for the side balcony and PS10-R2 backfills for the rear sloped balcony.

The LF was provided by a centre cluster of 6x RS15 subs, 3 high and back-to-back, running in cardioid mode. 2x NXAMP4x4s and 1x NXAMP4x1, all fitted with Dante Cards, power the entire system.  A Symnet Radius 12×8 with Dante is used as system manager, switching off and on the appropriate speakers for the different applications, and taking care of the system’s tuning.

Yamaha M7CL and 01V96 consoles were both fitted with Dante network cards, keeping the entire system in the digital domain.

Another small venue in this location, the ” Arke zaal”, was also completed with 2x PS10-R2s, a LS 600 and NXAMP4x1, more than sufficient for a 150-seat venue.


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