The ProVisionaire series custom control panel has been updated to V3.0

Nov 2018 | News | Corporate | Power & Processing

The “ProVisionaire Series” software applications that allow you to create original touch-panel controllers using only intuitive operations have been updated to V3.0. The “ProVisionaire Control” PC software now lets you design controllers for the “ProVisionaire Touch KIOSK” iPad app. By sending the data via Wi-Fi from the PC to the iPad, controllers can now be created with a more efficient workflow. In addition, not only Yamaha PA devices but also NEXO NXAMPmk2 Powered TD Controller is now supported. This allows a further expanded range of applicability. ProVisionaire series Version 3.0 strengthens the design usability and interoperability of controllers, providing a controller solution that’s more convenient than ever before.

Use ProVisionaire Control to design ProVisionaire Touch KIOSK

Controller screens for the “ProVisionaire Touch KIOSK” iPad application have until now been designed using “ProVisionaire Touch,” but this update allows them to be designed using “ProVisionaire Control” PC software and sent directly via Wi-Fi. The controller design interoperability this provides is advantageous when you need to efficiently create large numbers of controllers.

Interoperability between additionally supported Yamaha PA devices and NEXO’s NXAMPmk2

Additional Yamaha PA devices now support the ProVisionaire series. In addition, the ProVisionaire series now supports NEXO “NXAMPmk2” powered TD controller. Strengthened interoperability of devices between Yamaha and NEXO opens new possibilities for control systems that include the NXAMPmk2 in conference halls and theatres as well as in musical events such as live performance.

General Manager of the Yamaha Pro Audio Division Yoshi Tsugawa comments:

Previously, the ProVisionaire series has supported control of signal processors, power amps, digital mixers, and even supporting control of MusicCast-compliant music playback devices and the Disklavier ENSPIRE (piano), providing a control system that can flexibly support the needs of the user whether for a cafe, restaurant, hotel banquet hall, conference room, auditorium, or event space. This new update strengthens the design functionality and actualizes a collaboration with NEXO, in order to provide a sound system that is suitable for commercial scales, purposes, and environments.

CEO of NEXO Jean Mullor comments:

Indeed, that is a significant contribution for NEXO. Extending the ProVisionaire series to the NEXO NXAMPmk2 amplifiers provides our NEXO end-users with a high performance design and control solution over their complete sound system. In addition to the very evident Yamaha and NEXO synergies, I see new and promising opportunities for system integrators.


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