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  • 8x STM M46 main
  • 8x STM B112 bass
  • 4x STM M28 Omni-purpose
  • 8x STM B118 subs
  • 8x NUAR-DTs and a NUAR1
  • NXDT104 Dante networking cards

“Last year, we decided to update our existing sound systems with the latest technology available in order keep pace with the industry,” states Mike Sinclair, co-owner, Audio Inc. “For the summer season at Lincoln Center, we wanted to update our medium-sized line array system because the venue has specific requirements, including a very well-controlled coverage pattern to produce the minimum of SPL outside the defined area of Damrosch Park and its 5,000 capacity audience.”

Sinclair said he and co-owner Stephen Tolve had heard NEXO STM on a Kenny Chesney concert, and at trade shows.  But the penny really dropped at last year’s InfoComm.

“At the end of the NEXO presentation, Yamaha played a STM system comprised of one sub, one mid- and one high box,” Sinclair says. “We listened and realized what the term Scale Through Modularity (STM) really meant. It was a total surprise to us that the system was viable in such a small configuration. There is no other large-format line array system on the market where you can truly say that one cabinet can work as a small sound system, yet here we were listening to the functional equivalent of one line array element and one-half of a subwoofer cabinet. Not only did it sound good as a big system, but it sounded good as a small system as well.”

Sinclair and Tolve discussed the possibilities of the STM system, looked at the competition, and decided that nothing came close to the flexibility of the NEXO STM. Although the line array was purchased mainly to upgrade the sound at Lincoln Center Summer Concert Series, it has been used on other gigs as well –  as a small groundstacked system in an auditorium, a large flown system in an armory, and a small flown array in a hotel ballroom for a corporate event. “In every instance,” Sinclair said, “it has performed exactly as we had hoped it would.”

The initial Audio Inc. STM system configuration for the Lincoln Center Concert Series’ consists of (per side) 4x STM M46 main mid-hi frequency cabinets, 4x STM B112 bass cabinets to hang alongside each M46, 2x STM M28 Omni-purpose full-range cabinets, 4x STM B118 subs, 4x NUAR-DTs and a NUAR1 (NEXO Universal Amp Rack), along with powering, metering, output patching, AC distribution racks, and 2x NXDT104 Dante networking cards.

A Yamaha CL5 Digital Audio Console is being used at front of house for the Concert Series with a Rio1608-D and two Rio3224-D input/output boxes on stage “The signal path is Dante out of the console down through fiber to the Dante inputs of the NEXO amps,” explains Tolve.  A Yamaha PM5D-RH is used for monitors.

“In addition to the sonic quality of the STM system, giving us very good control over placement and interaction with the various spaces we have used it in, the system’s output is surprisingly loud and clear for its size,” Sinclair adds.

Audio Inc. has acquired a very good reputation for the outdoor concerts of ‘Midsummer Night’s Swing’ and ‘Lincoln Center Out of Doors’. “Over the past few years, reaction to the sound at the concert site has been very positive, and we have total confidence that this year, with the use of NEXO STM, we are going to raise the bar even higher.”

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