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This, the 15th anniversary of the famous Iberoamericano cultural event, featured a wide variety of Latin American, Spanish and international artists.   The venue is owned and operated by the OCESA Group, part of the Mexican entertainment company Grupo CIE.  OCESA, which is also the event’s promoter, had previously used STM at this venue for the Corona Capital Festival, and was convinced it was right for Viva Latino.

The festival’s main Indio stage was at the Foro Sol sports and concert venue built inside the Rodriguez Brothers racetrack, drawing a crowd of 55,000 people per day across four days. This year’s lineup on the Indio stage included Nine Inch Nails, Placebo, Arcade Fire, Maldita Vecindad and Calle 13.

Tecnoson owner Sergio Zenteno and his team designed and rigged a main PA system consisting of 24 sets a side of STM M46 Mains and B112 Bass, with a further 18 sets per side of M46 Mains and B112 Bass for outfill side arrays. A total of 42x S118 subs were used, with 12x per side hung behind the main array for the Nine Inch Nails day.

This large system was required to cover a distance of 150 metres. “The grandstand seating area is very reflective,” explains Zenteno, “and we wanted control the sound levels of the venue’s delay towers to limit reflections from the seating sections. With this design, we managed a capacity of 114 dBA in most areas, with a superb performance of 108 dBA in the more distant parts. We are still learning about the many ways of using the STM modules; for example at this festival we worked with three different combinations of sub arrangements.”

NEXO Concert Sound specialist Stuart Kerrison was in Mexico City for the event.  “Due to the audience size and the 150 meter throw, long arrays were required. 24 rows of STM M46 and B112 were deployed per side for the front-facing clusters with 18 deep arrays used for the sides. Delay towers were deployed at around 70 meters, but due to STM’s incredible long-throw capabilities, these ended up being run at very low levels.

The system was rigged extremely quickly and very little EQ correction was required.  Reactions from guest engineers, the festival organisers and the audience were unanimously positive. The large STM system performed incredibly well and every engineer was able to get a great mix happening quickly and easily, regardless of the artist’s musical style.

“In my opinion, there is no other system that can handle a performance of this nature, not only in terms of SPL but also when it comes to frequency response, coherence and sound quality,” says Zenteno.

Tecno Son also supplied its NEXO GEO D10 system for another of Vive Latino’s venues, the Rockampeonato tent.

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