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The Austin Music Hall was the venue for shows by Chance the Rapper, Tove Lo, The Ting Tings, Clean Bandit, Elle King, the Mowglis, and several dozen more. Nomad brought in NEXO’s modular STM line array system comprising 2x NEXO S118 subs per side, 9x M46 main modules coupled with 9x B112 bass modules per side, and 20x S118 subs on the ground, with 4x M28 cabinets used as front fills.

Nomad Sound also supplied a complete NEXO monitor sound package, consisting of 8x 45N-12 wedges downstage, with a RS18 Ray Sub/45N-12 combo used as a drum monitor. A Yamaha CL5 digital console was used for front of house mix with a CL5 was for monitors.  Rio3224-D and 1608-D input/output boxes were combined, daisy-chain style, for interface purposes. Seven NUAR amp racks powered both the PA and the monitor systems.

“The NEXO STM delivered an absolutely superb quality of sound at the Austin Music Hall, states Stefan Bouts, Nomad System Tech. The S118 subs are true and very musical in their response. The M46/B112 combination continues to amaze me in their performance, particularly for me, as primarily a system technician, the speed at which we can deploy or strike such a large and great sounding array, thanks to the PistonRig system.”

  • South by San Jose, held in the parking lot of the Hotel San Jose, is one of the perennial favorite unofficial SXSW side parties, this year featuring Gang of Four, The Ting Tings, The Zombies, and The Church, among others. For this stage, the NEXO rig consisted of 3x NEXO M28s with 2x B112s ground stacked per side on 4x STM S118 subs. A six-pack of NEXO PS15s, along with a Yamaha QL5 digital audio console, was used for monitors.
  • Nomad’s rig for the Waterloo Records stage consisted of L/R 6x GEO S1210/1230s with 6x RS18 subs, plus a S1210 for front fill.  On deck was a six-pack of PS15s, plus LS600, paired with a 1210 sitting on top as drum fill.  A Yamaha CL5 digital audio console was used at FOH.
  • The Textile stage consisted of 2x GEO S1210/1230 per side with 4x RS18s powered by a single NEXO 4×4 NXAmp. A Yamaha CL1 digital console was used for front of house.
  • The Whole Foods Rooftop stage consisted of 2x GEO S1210/1230s per side with RS18s powered by one NXAmp 4×4 with a Yamaha CL3 at FOH and QL5 digital console at monitors.
  • The VH1 Palladia Showcase at Cedar Door used 2x GEO S1210/1230 over four LS18 subs and four S118 subs per side, with GEO S1210 side fills, 45°N-12 monitor wedges and Yamaha QL5 at monitors, all powered by NUARs.

“It’s widely agreed by every engineer that the NEXO 45 N-12 monitor wedges are some of the truest and most punch-packing monitors we’ve ever used,” Bouts adds. “We installed a pack of them at The Parish club before SXSW, but this was our first chance to really break them in ourselves, and they absolutely slam!”

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