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40,000 rock fans attend a special music event in the National Stadium of Chile, in Santiago. This was the 10th year of La Cumbre del Rock, a festival which celebrates the rock music of Chile, with nearly 40 of its best artists appearing live at the emblematic venue.

 Real Audio, the up-and-coming dynamic PA supplier, provided NEXO STM Series modular line array systemsto service the 2-stage event. The production values were very strong – with the side-by-side stages, the distance between left and right PA arrays was 60 metres, so a powerful NEXO STM system with a centre column was designed by Real Audio owner Claudio Valencia Diaz and his main engineer Christian Carreño. NEXO’s Engineering Support team specialist Roberto Tschopp travelled to Santiago to advise on set-up and system tuning.

The main PA left and right uses 18 sets of STM M46 main + B112 bass modules. The centre array comprised 12 sets of STM M46 + B112 modules. The system ran down to 60Hz. About 2 metres behind the L/R main arrays, a flown sub array of 9x STM S118 subs at 85Hz, that achieved a staggering impact even at 80-90 metres, and excellent coverage in the upper stands. Below these flown arrays, were 12 more groundstacked S118s each side.

On the ground below the centre array were 3 stacks, each with 3x S118 subs, running in cardio back-to-back mode, at 60Hz with controlled delay and volume to avoid a power alley. According to the FOH engineers, the results were amazing, and the end sub coverage was very consistent in all the audience areas.

For outfill, Real Audio used the STM M28 omnipurpose modules, 9 of them in each array. A small delay system was set up for the end of the upper stands in the stadium, using single columns of 4x STM M46 + 2x B112 modules.

The NEXO badges could be seen all over the twin stages, with 16x 45°N-12 wedges being used to supply monitoring for all the perfomers. System amplification for stage monitoring and PA was handled by NEXO NXAMPs.

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