Mai 2018 | News | Live Events | GEO M10 | STM | Italy

Making its first appearance in many years, NEXO has returned to the Rimini trade show in some style, presenting three different line arrays systems on the expo’s live music stages.

Having seen attendance dwindle at the long-established entertainment technology exhibition, this year’s Music Inside Rimini saw a cooperative effort from rental companies and equipment distributors to revitalise the event and bring back the crowds.  Alongside the traditional show halls, the new Live You Play initiative took over four halls at the exhibition centre, each set up with three stages equipped with a wide variety of audio, lighting and video systems.

With the same band in each hall moving around to play on each of the three stages, the event offered a unique chance to audition different branded systems in a true live environment.

Under the supervision of NEXO distributor Gianni Fantini of Joint Rent, three different NEXO line arrays were deployed in three of the four halls of Live You Play, working to an intense schedule with a 30-minute set every hour.

The largest of the stages showcased NEXO’s flagship STM Series modular line array, with one of Italy’s top production companies, AMG International, providing a system with STM M46/B112 main PA cabinets, with STM S118 subs.

In an adjacent hall, a different configuration of STM Series could be heard, deploying the smaller STM M28 main cabinet in tandem with STM B112 bass modules.

And on a third stage, Joint Rent itself provided a NEXO GEO M10 mid-sized line array, with MSUB15 and LS 18 subbass cabinets.  The newest of NEXO’s line array products, the M10 created quite a buzz.  “I have been working with NEXO GEO S12 for 15 years, which I really love,” said front-of-house engineer Alessandro Fontanini.  “This is the second time that I am working the GEO M10 and I fell in love as well. This is an amazing and brilliant product because it is easy compact, easy to set up (integrated rigging parts) and the sound is loud and clear.”

Val Gilbert from NEXO’s Engineering Support Division was present to provide technical back-up, helped by the well-known independent French sound engineer, Yann Garnier, who supported the front-of-house engineers to ensure the quality of mix through the STM systems.

The Live You Play event at Music Inside Rimini was a significant investment and show of faith by NEXO.  “The MIR/LYP 2018 has really been a success,” reports Gianni Fantini of Joint Rent.  “We had 35% more visitors than the previous edition, and considering that they were almost all technicians or buyers, this is a good thing.  At Live You Play, I’d like to say that NEXO absolutely nailed it – many visitors said it was the best audio brand on the stages.  Having three different systems gave us an important commercial advantage; ranging from the small and relatively inexpensive GEO M10 up to the STM M28 and from there up to the much bigger STM M46, we showed customers that NEXO can provide the answer to all these questions of application.”