NEXO P+ sound brews up a great atmosphere at Brasserie du Mont Blanc
NEXO P+ sound brews up a great atmosphere at Brasserie du Mont Blanc

NEXO P+ sound brews up a great atmosphere at Brasserie du Mont Blanc

10월 2023 | 분류되지 않음 | Bars & Restaurants | P+ Series | France

The Brasserie du Mont Blanc produces beer in the proud tradition of Alpine brewing, using water from the glaciers of nearby Mont Blanc. Its multi award-winning beers are exported around the world, and visitors to the brewery can sample its products in a new bar that looks directly onto the main brewing area.

Close proximity to the brewing machinery necessitated the installation of a sound system with plenty of power to create the party atmosphere envisaged by the owners in this large, 100 sq. metre space, so Chambéry-based AV technology and events specialists Groupe Elypse designed and installed a NEXO system comprising two flown clusters of a single NEXO P15 point source speaker under an L18 sub, with compact NEXO ID24 speakers filling in the areas above and below a large mezzanine floor.

Power and processing for the entire system come just one NEXO NXAMP4X1Mk2 and one NXAMP4X2Mk2 powered controllers, with phase aligned pre-sets for all NEXO cabinets making it quick and easy to combine P+ and ID Series boxes in a single system.

“The P15 and L18 are among the highest-output speakers available, generating SPLs of 139dB and 140dB respectively” comments Groupe Elypse CEO Bruno Favre-Martinoz. “Suspending the clusters from the ceiling gave us excellent coverage of the space, which we supplemented with 4 x ID24s firing into the mezzanine space, and 4 more filling in below. The facility to vary the HF coverage of the speakers was very helpful to get the coverage just right.”

Available in mobile, install and hybrid TIS versions, the curved, low profile NEXO P8, P10, P12, P15 and P18 cabinets are among the most powerful and versatile point source loudspeakers in the business. Dispersion angles can be changed quickly to precisely match the application, and versatility is further expanded by a comprehensive range of accessories and mounting hardware, and the availability of dedicated L15, L18 and L20 partner subs.


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