NEXO GEO M10 brings a rock & roll vibe to The Hallows Church in Seattle
NEXO GEO M10 brings a rock & roll vibe to The Hallows Church in Seattle

NEXO GEO M10 brings a rock & roll vibe to The Hallows Church in Seattle

Sep 2022 | News | Houses of Worship | GEO M10 | USA

There are three expressions of the thriving Hallows Church in Seattle, the latest of which is in the Wallingford area of the city. The church embraces technology to connect with its congregations both in person and through online livestreams, with music every bit as important in the celebrations as the spoken word.

To equip the church with a new sound system, The Hallows turned to local AV technology specialists Morgan Sound who have, over the course of 50+ years in business, successfully completed hundreds of similar installations in
houses of worship and other venues, undertaken alongside a long-established and busy production services business for live events. Associate Engineer Fraser Brearley takes up the story.

“The Hallows is a very modern and technology-focussed church, with music at the heart of its services. They specifically asked for a custom-tailored audio and video system that would fit the configuration of their Sanctuary and provide high-quality A/V, both for their in-person members and remote members using live-streaming services. We considered the physical space as well as the church’s expectations before delivering our recommendations of a small NEXO GEO M10 line array in white, which brings a rock & roll vibe while also complementing the design aesthetic to ensure a low visual impact.”

In a system designed by Fraser using NEXO’s NS-1 configuration software, hangs of 3 x GEO M1012 cabinets left and right feature a single, more steeply angled GEO M1025 on the bottom to provide even coverage throughout the church, right up to the front of the stage. Three L15 subs are flown in an end fire configuration to direct the low frequency energy into the Sanctuary and keep it off the stage. Amplification and processing are supplied by NEXO’s NXAMP4X2MK2 4-channel powered controllers, with 3 boxes per channel running in passive mode.

“We love to spec NEXO products” continues Fraser. “From the NS-1 design software to setting up the amps and rigging and installing the cabinets, everything is so user-friendly and works great. The system at The Hallows Church sounds really good with plenty of headroom and a high-end clarity that really cuts through on vocals. And the NEXO boxes also look great in the air.”

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