NEXO and Medialease announce new funding program for venues and rental companies

Mai 2022 | News | Corporate | United Kingdom

World-leading sound system manufacturer NEXO is teaming up with asset financing specialists Medialease to launch new funding products in Europe. The financial solutions will be available to venues, rental companies and System Integrators and will use local funding partners appropriate for the end user client.

The option to use finance will enable NEXO clients to access the performance, operational and commercial benefits inherent in an investment in NEXO technology whilst managing their costs and cashflow monthly, rather than as a cap-ex project.
Initial engagement will be through local NEXO country or regional contacts, who will then engage Medialease and their team.

“Finance is driving technology change across all sectors, and we’re delighted to be working with an established industry leader such as NEXO to offer this option,” comments Medialease Business Development Director Paul Donkin.

Speaking on behalf of NEXO, Sales and Marketing Director Gareth Collyer says “It’s great to be working with a partner that understands the unique requirements of customers in each of the industry sectors we serve. We’re confident that this new funding program will deliver real value for our customers.”

About Medialease

Medialease has been providing specialist asset finance for media, broadcast, live events, and AV industries for nearly twenty years. Understanding the unique requirements of these sectors, Medialease offers a range of financing options, including medium and long-term rental, on and off-balance sheet leasing and hire purchase. Whether securing funding for a small installation or a fully equipped live events venue, Medialease advises customers on their best options.

About NEXO

NEXO has been designing ground-breaking sound reinforcement systems at its French headquarters since 1979. The company’s pioneering technology, innovative designs and sonic excellence have enhanced live events across the globe for decades and made NEXO a popular solution for installed sound systems in houses of worship, public spaces, and hospitality and leisure settings.

Today, NEXO is a strategic business unit of Yamaha Corporation, a convergence of technological expertise that facilitates full integration of speaker and amplifier control, and console management of sound systems over the latest and most popular digital networking protocols.