New NEXO P18 and L20 debut in Latin America
New NEXO P18 and L20 debut in Latin America

New NEXO P18 and L20 debut in Latin America

5월 2024 | 분류되지 않음 | In-house Presentation | P+ Series | Venezuela

The new NEXO P18 point source speaker and L20 sub hit Latin America in a big way in April with demos at the SemanÁudio Show in São Paulo and Sound:Check Xpo 2024 in Mexico City, and at a special launch event attended by more than 40 Venezuelan audio professionals at NEXO distributor Sun Music Pro in Caracas.

With support from the local NEXO LATAM team including Roberto Tschopp and Hely Chirinos who directed the setup and calibration of the system, Sun Music Pro Commercial Manager Valeska Grüber conducted the demo showing the key advantages and characteristics of the world’s first 18-inch coaxial point source loudspeaker and its partner 20-inch sub.

Attendees first auditioned a L/R pair of P18s alone, then with the addition of a single pair of L20s, and finally with a further pair of subs.

“Visitors were very impressed with the power, sound quality, and performance of this new versatile, compact, and high-power point source speaker, ideal for touring applications such as high-performance monitors, or in fixed installations in performing arts centres, nightclubs, and medium-sized sports arenas” commented Valeska after the demo.


About the NEXO P18 and L20

Building on the company’s acclaimed expertise in compact, high-output, point source loudspeakers, the new P18 employs a long-excursion, Neodymium 18-inch LF /  4-inch diaphragm HF coaxial driver in a curvilinear enclosure of custom birch and poplar plywood cabinet and completes NEXO’s P+ Series which now comprises P8, P10, P12, P15 and P18 models.

SPL is an impressive 140dB Peak (passive mode) / 142dB Peak (active mode) and, like other speakers in the P+ Series, versatility of the P18 is enhanced by an ingenious system for varying HF coverage patterns. Horn flanges can be interchanged to deliver a choice of directivities – from the 60°x 60° that is provided as standard, to a 90°x 40° or an asymmetrical 50°- 90°x 40°. Switching between different directivities can be accomplished in just 15 seconds, easily removing the steel grille with a coin and replacing the flare, which uses a magnetic fixing.

Joining existing L15 and L18 sub bass cabinets in the P+ Series, the new L20 uses a 20-inch long-excursion driver, achieving an SPL of 141dB Peak and extending LF response down to 28Hz.


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