1월 2018 | 분류되지 않음 | Live Events | STM | Canada

Gold and platinum selling artist Ginette Reno is a Canadian author, composer, singer, and actress receiving nominations for the Genie Awards, Gemini Awards, and is a multi-recipient of the Juno Awards.

Renowned front of house engineer, Sylvain Gingras, specifically requested a NEXO STM line array for Reno’s classical performance held at the Centre Videotron in Quebec City in late November. Her performance was backed by 57 orchestral musicians, with six additional musicians from Reno’s band along with three background singers. Pascalin Raynault, the son of Ginette Reno, conducted the performance.

The NEXO STM system was provided by Omnison, QC with a main PA configured (per side) with 6x STM S118s and 15x STM M46 + B112 sets per side, with an additional 9x STM M28s for sidefill. 4x PS15R2s were used for front fill with 12x S118 subs ground stacked in front of the stage.

On stage, the NEXO monitor system included 6x 45°N-12 line monitors, 4x PS15R2 and 8x PS8 wedges. The system was completely powered by NEXO NUAR/Nemo amplification over a Dante network, a Yamaha DME-64 digital mix engine with MY16-AUD cards, and six Yamaha SWP1-16 L2 network switches.

Three Yamaha CL5 Digital Audio Consoles were used, two at the front of house position, the first used for orchestra mixes and the second for orchestra mix, the pop section, vocals, and effects. Reno’s production company purchased two CL5s and three Rio 3224-D input/output boxes. The third CL5, provided by Omnison, was used as the monitor console, with mixes by Pierre Du Berger, sound engineer on tour with Reno and also on staff at Omnison. A fourth Rio-3224-D was also provided by Omnison. All Rio boxes were used for patching of 93 microphone inputs on stage.

“I am very familiar with Yamaha consoles,” states Gingras. “They have always been my choice for Madame Reno’s concerts since the beginning of my collaboration with her more than ten years ago.”

Gingras said he has had the opportunity to work with Omnison staff on other productions as a freelance PA tech and sound engineer and has used all of the NEXO systems they own from GEO D and GEO T, to GEO S and now STM with various configurations. He received the last complete STM System Training Certification by the NEXO team two weeks prior to the concert.

“I was already completely convinced that the NEXO STM could be the best system for this magical night. All my expectations have been met. The precision of the M46 and B112 gave me the capabilities to mix this large venue as if I was in a small concert hall. The sound of the powerful voice of Mme. Reno was diffused perfectly, and I was able literally to envelope each of the eight thousand spectators present in the venue. This system will certainly be my first choice for all of my future projects.”

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