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Rental company auvisign GmbH was called upon to provide the PA for the huge crowds, from the main stage in front of the Brandenburg Gate to the 10x big TV screens spaced down the length of the fan mile and beyond to other stages. This massive task was supervised by sound designer Johannes Raack, who has worked many times here at Europe’s biggest public viewing space.

A NEXO GEO D10 line array system was used on the main stage, together with GEO Sub and CD18 subbass cabinets, and a large number of NEXO PS Series.  Elsewhere on the fanmeile, nearly 270 NEXO cabinets were deployed; GEO S12, GEO S8, NEXO Alpha and many many more PS Series.

Together with Peter Sobisiak, Johannes Raack supervised all the technical direction and network operation.  The main stage PA was accessed over one EtherSound network, with a second network handling all the delay lines and TV screen systems.  Inputs for the mixer were implemented via Yamaha AD8HR converters and Auvitran EtherSound mini-YGDAI cards over another ES network.  All these networks, controlled from FOH, were consolidated in a common Gigabit network, using fibreglass connections (to meet the requirement for redundant ducting) to cover the distances of up to 600 metres from device to device.

Equipment:   main-stage:                           22x      Nexo Geo D10

4x        Nexo Geo Sub

10x      Nexo CD18

12x      Nexo PS10-R2

8x        Nexo PS15 / PS15-R2

20x      Camco Vortex 6

4x        Camco Vortex 3 Quattro

14x      Nexo NX242 | ES

delays and other stages:                 74x      Nexo GEO S1210/1230

72x      Nexo GEO S805/830

16x      Nexo CD18

18x      Nexo Alpha M3/M8

22x      Nexo Alpha B1

6x        Nexo Alpha S2

20x      Nexo PS15 / PS15-R2

16x      Nexo PS10 / PS10-R2

24x      Nexo PS8

20x      Camco Vortex 6

6x        Camco Vortex 3 Quattro

16x      Nexo NX242 | ES

14x      Nexo NX-Amp 4×4 | ES

Congratulations to a brilliant technical production team, especially FOH operator Alexander Garn and stage sound manager Jerome Bonin.

organizer:  K.I.T. Group GmbH

Kurfürstendamm 71 | 10709 Berlin

contact person: Willy Kausch | Merryn Scholz

production: Wohlthat Entertainment GmbH

Am Friedrichshain 1 | 10407 Berlin

contact person: Rainer Wohlthat

technical direction:Steel United Group

Franz-Jacob-Strasse 16-18 | 10369 Berlin

contact person: Jens Meinecke

sound company: auvisign GmbH & Co. KG

Ernst-Augustin-Strasse 9 | 12489 Berlin

contact person: Johannes Raack