Mar 2017 | News

William Morris Entertainment (WME), the worldwide talent and creative services corporation, has chosen a NEXO GEO M6 system, with LS18, for its new performance space in Nashville.

WME recently opened a performance space at their 12th Avenue office location in Nashville to serve its artist roster. Designed to ‘emulate’ a high-rise amphitheater, the space offers the opportunity for new bands to showcase their talents and established artists to perform new material for management. Having a 20-year relationship with WME, the well-known audio company Sound Image was brought in to design a system for the venue.

The 1,200 square foot performance area, built over 2 floors, can seat approximately 60 with standing-room for 200.

“While I was on the telephone with Dave Shadoan (Sound Image CEO and President), Yamaha’s California district manager was at the office and suggested we take a look at the NEXO GEO M620 speaker line,” recalls Everett Lybolt, General Manager of the Nashville facility, himself a long-time Sound Image employee and veteran engineer. “A GEO M620 demo system was sent to Nashville for evaluation, and after hearing the system, we decided the M620 would be an excellent choice to fulfill the needs of the WME space. We also chose a Yamaha TF5 Digital Audio Console for its many features, compactness, ease of use, and main level control.”

The WME system contains 3x GEO M620 boxes plus 1x LS18 sub per side, 2x NXAMPs, and 4x Yamaha DSR112 monitors, along with the Yamaha TF console used for front of house mixing.

“Considering the building is all concrete, glass and wood, the room sounds pretty awesome,” says Lybolt. “Premier Global installed the lighting system, which, when you look from the outside on the north and the west side of the building, makes the space look like a nightclub, all lit up.”

 A WME staff engineer handles day-to-day operation with technical assistance from Sound Image when required.

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