Oct 2015 | News | 45N12 | United Kingdom

ESL was introduced to the 45°N-12s by one of its regular monitor engineers, Chris Wibberley, who explained:” I was offered the chance to try out the NEXO 45°N-12 monitors a couple of years ago. I have found them to be the loudest and clearest wedge I have ever used! I like the way they couple as pairs and also how narrow their pattern is, so you don’t have one mix bleeding all over another‎. A truly excellent product! ”

Based on this, ESL decided to check them out, as Director Paul Galley expands: “Chris is a real fan, and we felt we had to listen to them. We were invited to NEXO’s HQ in France so that we could get to know the brand and the design philosophy behind it – which really removed a lot of our preconceptions. Orbital Sound then put on a demo for us in London, which quite literally blew us away. NEXO’s design is completely original, giving you such precise focus with the audio. It enables us to control the sound on the stage very accurately – for the artist, you get the quality and gain at the volume they want. But just step away to the side, and it dramatically drops off. Everyone’s happy – the artists can have their monitors as loud as they want without affecting the rest of the stage.”

The new system, comprising of 12x 45°N-12s and a NEXO NUAR touring amplifier rack, was put straight to the test at the Lodestar Festival, which took place in Cambridge in early September, featuring headline act Razorlight alongside KITTEN, The Sunshine Underground, and MY BABY. Monitor engineer Paul Keeble worked the 45°N-12s hard, commenting: “Lovely, clear vocal sound and very controllable on stage.”

The technology behind the 45°N-12 monitor is based on NEXO’s patented Hyperbolic Reflective Wavesource, which uses reflection to shape the high-frequency wavefront to any shape required. A single 45°N-12 delivers a very narrow coverage pattern, at typically 22.5 degrees, creating a very tight and discrete position for individual performers. The system is scalable, enabling greater coverage and power by simply adding units without any interference, using an ingenious magnetic locking system. The HF is spread across the entire width of the waveguide, as opposed to coming out of a single hot spot horn, providing incredible gain before feedback. The resultant sound is very musical, making it a popular choice with musicians.
For ESL, the decision to break the mould and adopt a very different approach with its new system represents an exciting opportunity, as Paul Galley explains: “We have always had a reputation for making decisions based on our ears and not our eyes, and this investment is no different. We wanted to do something that was outside of the regular UK bubble – the NEXO 45°N-12s are most certainly not run of the mill. The great support from Orbital Sound and the insight we now have into what makes NEXO tick as a high-end brand have given us real confidence in the product. We think that there is a niche gap in the market, and we are ready to fill it!”

Orbital Sound has now been appointed as sole UK reseller for the NEXO 45°N-12 monitor system.