Dear customers, users and friends,

Mar 2020 | News | Corporate | France

These recent weeks have paralyzed our world, and especially our industry.  We want to thank you for continuing to trust us and work with us during these difficult times.

In the interests of the health and welfare of our employees at NEXO, we have decided to suspend production operations temporarily.  With stringent shelter-in-place regulations now enforced in France, keeping most of the population at home, we cannot yet foresee a date when it will be safe for our team to return to Plailly.

However, we can assure you that many of our staff members continue to work remotely to administrate much of NEXO’s business life: this includes the departments of R&D, Engineering Support, After-Sales, Accounts, the whole order desk, and our sales and marketing teams.  Our logistics partners are also active and shipping NEXO products that are presently in stock.

As regards our supply chain, our partners in China were the first to be impacted but we believe that their activities are now gradually resuming.  Our partners in Italy managed to maintain reduced production for some time, but now the Italian government has closed their plant as part of the crisis containment measures.  Our partners in France are also severely restricted by government orders.  We send them our thoughts in these uncertain times.

For forty years, NEXO has worked with rental companies and live sound engineers all over the world; the economic severity for our colleagues in this sector is unprecedented, and we share their pressure and anxiety for the future.  However, the entertainment technology industry has often demonstrated its ability to resist and recover from difficult situations with great energy and ingenuity, and it will do so again.

In the specific case of NEXO, being part of the Yamaha Corporation, one of the most powerful companies in the sector, we are in a strong position to face adversity.  We are making a huge effort to adapt our working practices to serve all our clients so that, when restrictions are finally lifted, we can continue to contribute to the enjoyment of culture and sport, and the safe gatherings of people, all over the world.

Jean Mullor, CEO, and the whole NEXO team.