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The Open Air classical concerts in Ingolstadt are a cultural institution for German music-lovers. The summer season, sponsored by Audi, brings 22,000 to the Klenzepark in Ingolstadt to picnic and listen to the orchestral performances, amplified by NEXO STM modular line array systems supplied by SHOWEM.

A regular feature of the Summer Concerts are the performances of the Audi staff orchestra: this year, nearly 60 musicians of the Audi Bläserphilharmonie played for conductor Christian Lombardi. Another concert was headlined by the Georgian Kammerorchester, playing the melodies of Georges Bizet and conducted by Ruben Gazarian.

SHOWEM Veranstatungstechnik is one of the leading suppliers of NEXO systems in Germany, and the Ingolstadt open-air concerts are one of its largest single deployments of the STM M28 modular line array.

Designed by Dieter Mantzel, the main PA comprises 12x STM M28 main modules flown below 3x B112 bass cabinets per side of the stage, with a slim centre hang of 10x compact GEO S8 cabinets. There is a significant allocation of subbass cabinets, 16x STM S118 subs on the ground in front of the stage.

Dispersing over a wide audience area, the PA is augmented by two delay systems: the first uses two hangs of 12x STM M28, and the second uses 8x GEO S8 cabinets. Philipp Treiber and Frederic Couson are at front-of-house, and system tech Lorenz Kersten manages the whole rig over a Dante network.

On stage, monitor engineer Till Maskos is behind a Yamaha QL1 console, mixing to 8x NEXO PS10-R2 wedges.

With another Classic Open Air concert taking place in Nürnberg on the same event, supplied by in-phase-event, it was a busy weekend for NEXO STM Series.


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