NEXO immersive sound system is first in a South Korean church

4월 2024 | | Houses of Worship | GEO M10 | South Korea

With 4000 seats, Noksan Church in Gangbuk, Seoul is one of the largest worship spaces in Korea. It’s…

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Johnston Audio Services standardises on NEXO P15 for wedge monitoring in venues across Australia

4월 2024 | 분류되지 않음 | Live Events | P+ Series | Australia

Bruce Johnston is one of a select group of live sound engineers to achieve legendary status, first for…

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NEXO P15 supercharges sound at Milan’s iconic Forum

4월 2024 | | Sports Arenas | P+ Series | Italy

Opened in 1990 to host hockey, Milan’s iconic Forum is a 15,800-capacity arena which has, over the years,…

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NEXO announces new Subs, NXAMP firmware and NeMo software updates

4월 2024 | | GEO M12 | P+ Series

NEXO has expanded its industry-standard P+ Series point source loudspeaker range with three new sub-bass speakers, the L15-I,…

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3-D Audio at the Kraków Film Music Festival

3월 2024 | | Live Events | GEO M10 | P+ Series | Poland

Originally making its name for accompanying film screenings with live music performances, the Kraków Film Music Festival has…

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25 years of NEXO at SHOW’EM: Where even the sound has to look good

3월 2024 | | Corporate | GEO M10 | GEO M6 | ID Series | Germany

No festivals. No touring. German events technology company SHOW’EM is laser-focused on one market sector; prestigious corporate events…

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AMG deploys NEXO STM at Iveco ‘Be the change’ event for 1300 guests in Barcelona

3월 2024 | | Live Events | STM | Italy

Leading European event production specialist AMG has provided a full suite of technical services including sound, video, lighting…

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New nanoNXAMP4 Powered TD Controller significantly reduces the cost and rack space of smaller NEXO sound system installations

1월 2024 | | Art Gallery | Bars & Restaurants | Corporate | Houses of Worship | Theatres | Power & Processing

New at ISE and NAMM 2024, a compact, lower-powered, combined amplification and processing solution from NEXO significantly reduces…

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NEXO ePS on point at the Architects of Time in Athens

10월 2023 | | Bars & Restaurants | ePS Series | Greece

In the neighbourhood around the 11th century Byzantine church of Agioi Theodoroi in central Athens is a newly…

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10월 2023 | 분류되지 않음 | Bars & Restaurants | ID Series | P+ Series | Australia

If one were to look out from the banks of the Brisbane River this year, one might see…

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ID Series makes a big impact at B’moovd Sportsbar & Bowling

10월 2023 | | Bars & Restaurants | ID Series | Germany

10-pin bowling always was a fun way for friends and family to spend an evening together. But things…

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NEXO P+ sound brews up a great atmosphere at Brasserie du Mont Blanc

10월 2023 | | Bars & Restaurants | P+ Series | France

The Brasserie du Mont Blanc produces beer in the proud tradition of Alpine brewing, using water from the…

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