Jan 2014 | News | Sports Arenas | GEO S12 | China

A GEO 12 line array system has been installed in the centre’s 60,000-seater main stadium, which hosted track, field and soccer events during the National Games, and is now the host stadium for Chinese Super League football team, Dalian Shide. With its gently undulating, colour-changing façade of 2,745 air pillows made from ETFE film, the stadium is the centre’s showpiece.

Inside the stadium, the seating area is covered from the top level down to the very front row by 18x arrays of NEXO GEO S12. Each array, positioned 30-35 metres apart, comprises of 3x GEO S1210 and 3x GEO S1230 cabinets. A further 12x NEXO Alpha E-F full-range cabinets are focussed towards the playing field, with 8x NEXO PS15-R2 high-powered speakers on standby for mobile applications, in conjunction with access panels installed at various points inside the stadium.

All NEXO cabinets are driven by NEXO NXAMP4x4 powered TDControllers situated in equipment racks inside two giant video screens and in the control room. An EtherSound digital audio network has been installed for signal processing, and all NXAMP 4x4s are equipped with NEXO ES104 extension cards to receive audio signals from the network.

The 110,000 square meter tennis arena has seating for 10,000 people and consists of one main court, two semi-final courts, competition and practice courts. This arena, used for all tennis events during the 12th China National Games 2013, now operates as a training base for the China National Tennis Team and will host tennis events for North Eastern China.

On the main court, the PA system was required to provide the highest SPL possible over the average spectator noise, and a NEXO GEO S12 system won out during a highly competitive tendering procedure. 4x GEOS12 line arrays, each consisting of 5x GEO S1210 cabinets with 10 degree vertical inter-cabinet angles plus 1x GEO S1230 with 30 degree vertical coverage, have been installed as down fills. The arrays are flown from either side of giant screens at both ends of the tennis stadium. Additionally, 4x PS15-R2s have been positioned on the ground of the court to cover some trouble spots. The system is powered by 3x NEXO NXAMPS 4×4.

The 36,000 square metre, 3,000-seater baseball arena is one of just a few in China, where the sport is not yet widely followed. The new arena is expected to help increase its popularity following its inclusion in the National Games.

The specifications for the baseball arena called for very high on-field coverage, and according to Top Plot, a NEXO Alpha system won this tender by performing way beyond expectations in clarity and SPL. The speakers are flown from the roof above the spectators’ seating area, transmitting sound in all directions to cover the entire arena. 6x Alpha E-M mid-high cabinets and 2x Alpha B1-18 bass units cover the playing field, while Alpha E-Ms have been installed into two side seating areas, with 4x NEXO PS15-R2s cover the central seating. Again, the entire system is driven by NEXO NXAMP4x4s.