7월 2013 | 분류되지 않음 | Live Events | STM | Czech Republic

The 3-day multi-genre event featured local stars including Golden Nightingale Tomáš Klus, Krystof, Nightwork, David Koller, Pražský výběr, Monkey Business, and Wohnout,  Rental Pro provided the main stage with a STM system using 12 sets of M46 Main and B112 Bass cabinets per side, with 12x S118 subs groundstacked each side.

“When we saw and heard STM for the first time, we were so surprised by the unique modular concept that now we can’t imagine a future for our business without the system,” says Roman Zezula of Rental Pro, which has owned NEXO loudspeakers since the company was started in 2000.

Zezula cites STM’s modularity and sound characteristics as top of STM’s many advantages. “We haven’t heard anything comparable,” he says. “This is currently the best system on the market which can be offered to musicians. Besides that, the rigging is fantastic – it’s so fast. So for us, the main advantages are the modularity, great sound and fast rigging. We appreciate the fact that the same system can be used on different kinds of events; we just need to change the amount of boxes and we are ready for anything. The logistics are now much easier. Less work to build the system and more fun with playing with it!”

Zezula is confident that Rental Pro will be able to handle new and different types of work with STM. “We have some GEO T in our inventory, which is phenomenal for classical music and open air events, but STM will be our new solution for rock productions,” he says. “There have already been many reactions within the sound market in Czech and we have some new, interesting orders.”

One of these is STM’s high-profile appearance at the Czech Republic’s leading summer festival, Colours of Ostrava.  Local newspapers are already boasting that this year’s festival will feature the two best sound systems in the world.

Rental Pro also worked with NEXO’s Czech distributor MusicData to put on a highly successful demo concert, presenting the STM system to an invited audience of partners and customers from Austria, Ukraine, Czech and Slovakia.

The demo took place in a natural amphitheatre in the grounds of Castle Konopiste, just outside Prague. The team set up L/R arrays of 12x M46 Main cabinets and 12x B112 Bass cabinets, with 12x S118 subs per side in a 2×6 configuration, running in omni mode. The system was then demo’ed in various configurations, with and without subs, so attendees could get a good overview of STM and the flexibility it offers. After the demos, the system stayed in place for a concert before an audience of 3,500 by Czech swing and jazz singer Vojta Dyk and the B Side Band.

The STM presentation was carried out by NEXO’s Stuart Kerrison, with head of MusicData, Tomas Ourednicek, translating. Also in attendance were Denis Baudier, NEXO’s sales director, Pavel Vojta, sound engineer for demo and the concert, and Roman Zezula, head of Rental Pro. Crew from MusicData and Rental Pro handled the events, with the former looking after customers and Rental Pro staff in charge of building the stage and rigging the system.

“Our listeners were really struck by the excellent clarity of the sound, the power and the design of STM,” says Jana Havlova from MusicData. “Those who built the stage and rigged the system were surprised how easy and fast it was to handle and rig. Many customers said they would consider selling their current equipment and starting to save money for STM!”

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