Refined sound for a Luxembourg restaurant where food meets party
Refined sound for a Luxembourg restaurant where food meets party

Refined sound for a Luxembourg restaurant where food meets party

2월 2023 | 분류되지 않음 | Bars & Restaurants | P+ Series | Luxembourg

Founded in 2013 by two friends eager to shake up the dining and night life experience in Luxembourg, Concept+Partners is a young and dynamic company always on the lookout for new and innovative ideas and dedicated to ensuring an exceptionally high quality of customer service.

Among an impressive portfolio of Concept+Partners properties, Hitch is a restaurant, bar and nightclub in Luxembourg city that describes itself to be ‘where food meets party’. So, when looking for a sound system that could truly deliver on that promise, the owners turned to local AV technology specialists LEMON Event Support, a trusted supplier with whom they had worked successfully in the past.

“The brief was simple but uncompromising” reports LEMON Event Support MD Paul Thyes. “The system had to deliver a clear but unobtrusive soundtrack for diners, then shift through the gears for punchy, full bandwidth, floor-filling sound when the DJs arrive and the restaurant morphs into a club – and all without imposing upon the high-end interior design. Our philosophy at LEMON Event Support is to work only with products we trust and know can perform at the highest level. So, for Hitch, we immediately thought of a NEXO P+ Series point source system.”

LEMON Event Support Chief Engineer Christophe Becker takes up the story. “The space comprises of two main areas separated by a wall. Using NS-1 software, we designed a ceiling mounted system that’s mirrored on both sides using a pair of P15s and 2 x P12s with one on a delay for each. P10s cover the corners and the bar, which is located behind the system, with an additional P10 in the DJ booth as a monitor. L18 subs are hung on both sides, with another hidden under the DJ booth.

“It’s amazing how efficient the P+ boxes are in terms of power requirement. We needed a rack of just 3 x NEXO NXAMP4X2Mk2s and the simple cabling requirement really helped to make the installation process easy.”

Even during testing, the venue owners were clearly impressed, commenting ‘this is something else’ when they first heard the system.

“The HF resolution is very clear and precise and the LF extension very smooth” says Christophe. “Even though its only operating at 99dBA, the system ‘feels loud’ and the coverage remains consistent from low to higher SPL. Guests ordering drinks at the bar can be heard clearly and nowhere in the venue is ‘off-limits’ as a result of overly-loud sound sources.”

“This is a system that works both sonically and visually for our client” says Paul in conclusion. “And most of all, it works for them commercially.”


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