NEXO spreads the word in Bangkok church
NEXO spreads the word in Bangkok church

NEXO spreads the word in Bangkok church

9月 2022 | 未分类 | Houses of Worship | GEO M6 | Thailand

Established one hundred years ago in Wattana Wittayalai School, Wattana Presbyterian Church moved to its current location in the centre of the Thai capital in 1958. This large and busy church sees worshippers coming together for a range of events and activities, with music almost always at the heart of the celebration.

So, when the church decided to upgrade its audio technology, it was clear that the installer would have to specify a versatile and powerful new system, capable of handling everything from spoken word to live music, with clear and even coverage throughout the venue.

With extensive experience in designing and installing sound systems in houses of worship in Bangkok and throughout Thailand, local system integrator Music Space Co., Ltd. was an obvious choice for the job. And for Music Space, NEXO was the obvious loudspeaker brand of choice.

“Our partners Music Space think highly of NEXO’s technology, sound quality and the comprehensive range of products available” reports Manatchaya Vanno (Nan), Marketing Manager at Fuzion Far East, the NEXO distributor in Thailand. “Particularly flexible and adaptable is NEXO’s NXAMPMK2 combined amplifier and controller, which is easy to deploy is any application.”

The system at Wattana Church includes two clusters of 6 x ultra-compact GEO M6 line array elements, complemented by a pair of LS18 subs on the floor. ID14s are used as infills, and amplification and processing come from 2 x NEXO NXAMP4X1MK2 powered controllers.

“Everyone immediately appreciates the power of the NEXO system” concludes Nan. “But more compelling is how it affects the emotions of the congregation, which comes from NEXO’s unique voice.”


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