New NEXO systems ready for a busy hospitality season in Greece
New NEXO systems ready for a busy hospitality season in Greece

New NEXO systems ready for a busy hospitality season in Greece

7월 2024 | 분류되지 않음 | Bars & Restaurants | ePS Series | GEO S12 | ID Series | P+ Series | Greece

Greece and its many beautiful islands have long been a magnet for visitors seeking long days on sun kissed beaches, great food and nightlife with a relaxed vibe, along with many unique historical and cultural attractions.

The country’s hospitality industry is gearing up for another busy summer, with operators increasingly upgrading to world-class sound systems as the importance of music and sound is recognised more and more as central to driving revenues in flexible venues for eating, drinking and dancing.

So it’s no surprise that Athens-based NEXO distributor IMA Audio Lighting has been busy this year designing and installing NEXO systems in hospitality settings across the country.

With a vibrant and energetic atmosphere complete with music and dancing, the Barbarossa Restaurant occupies a prominent position on the waterside in the picturesque fishing village of Naoussa on the island of Paros.

A new installation of just 6 x NEXO compact ID24 speakers with 3 x IDS110 subs has given this iconic venue what the owner describes as ‘the best sound on Paros’, with the versatility and power to shift from clear but unobtrusive background music for dining to a full party vibe for dancing.

Located on a secluded bay, the beach restaurant Krabo draws inspiration and energy from the Aegean Sea and offers an oasis of calm and the atmosphere of a Greek island just 15 minutes’ drive from the centre of Athens.

The recent indoor/outdoor NEXO installation at this stylish location includes ePS6 and eLS400 subs, and ultra-compact ID14s supplemented by IDS108 subs.

Back in Paros at the Monastiri Beach Bar and Restaurant,  AV technology specialist George Zannakis has installed a powerful new sound system drawing on NEXO’s P15 point-source speakers and L18 subs, supplemented by a number of ePS10s, helping create what owners describe as a real-life utopia on the Island offeringvisitors a multi-sensory experience: a beautiful beach bar for relaxation seekers, a restaurant for gastronomy enthusiasts and a beach bar for cocktail lovers.

The combination of NEXO’s hugely powerful P15s with L18 subs also feature in a new installation at the Mostar Coffee Bar and Bar in Chalkida, while speakers from NEXO’s ePS range are favoured in a new system at the Sazerac Cocktail Bar in Athens.

Also in the Greek capital, the electrifying nightlife at Sabbia Seaside in Neo Falirohas been supercharged with the installation of new a NEXO GEO S12 system with additional P12 and PS15 speakers.

“Hospitality operators in Greece understand the importance and value of a flexible, controllable sound system with impeccable audio quality” reports Michalis Asitzoglou, co-founder of IMA Audio Lighting.

“Great sound helps to create the perfect atmosphere, whether that’s for drinking and dining, relaxing in the sun, or dancing into the night, and that’s what NEXO systems always deliver.

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