2월 2021 | 분류되지 않음 | Theatres | GEO M10 | GEO M6 | France

The first step in the return to live events will be the staging of productions in smaller local venues, where social distancing and public health safety can be carefully controlled.  NEXO is seeing a lot of new clients in this sector, as public and private venues upgrade their infrastructure in anticipation of the end of lockdown. A flurry of new installations in France feature NEXO’s GEO M line array systems:

  • Espace Bernard Giraudeau, Noyelles-Godault, France
  • GEO M10 mid-size line array
  • Thelem Insurance Auditorium, Orleans, France
  • GEO M6 compact line array
  • Technopole, Saint-Lô, France
  • GEO M6 compact line array
  • Credit Agricole HQ Auditorium, Guyancourt, France
  • GEO M6 compact line array

In Noyelles-Godault, near the France-Belgium border, the Espace Bernard Giraudeau is a multipurpose venue, which has a 100 m2 stage and can accommodate up to 540 people seated.  It plays a central role in the social and cultural life of its region, accommodating concerts, conferences, bingo games and seated dinners.

System contractors Alive Technology has installed a new NEXO GEO M10 mid-size line array, using MSUB18 subbass units and augmented with P8 point source cabinets.  Powered by NXAMP4x2Mk2 amplifiers, the system also features a kit of six P12 monitor speakers.

Engineers from NEXO’s ES Division attended the theatre to supervise the alignment and tuning of the new system.  “It is a very reverberant room,” says Bertrand Billon, “but there is still a consistent ratio across the bandwidth.  Because there is a retractable bleacher stand of seating, we have two configurations, so we set up the system to switch from a seated audience to a full-standing one, where the line array clusters and outer front fills are moved.  We created two different scene memories in the NXAMPs and a custom page in NeMo (NEXO’s proprietary remote control monitoring software) so that it is easy to recall both set-ups.”

The GEO M6 compact line array system is proving especially popular with smaller auditoria, and three new installations demonstrate the versatility of these modules, which can be used in pairs, curved arrays of three or in line array of more. Paired with different NEXO subbass cabinets, they create a deceptively small SR solution, whilst being highly cost-effective in terms of amplification.

The well-known insurance company Thelem has a campus near Orleans, where it has extensively remodelled its existing facilities and constructed a new theatre auditorium for its corporate events.

Systems integrators Tech Audio worked closely with NEXO’s engineering support division to  design and install a GEO M6 compact line array system, the smallest line array modules in the NEXO catalogue which allowed them to upsize the PA to handle music performance without having to use very large cabinets.

“We try as often as we can to fly the subs, in order to minimize the difference in level between the front and last rows,” explains Bertrand Billon.  “This specification had to be able to deliver a reasonable level and bandwidth for ‘light live music’ in addition to meetings.”

In Saint-Lô, the new Maison du Technopôle boasts a fabulous modern design, housing 1,700m2 of space for research, start-ups and all kinds of innovators.  The facility also features a 234-seat amphitheatre which has been equipped by Auvisys with a ultra low-profile NEXO line array system.

Using just two clusters of three GEO M620 cabinets, discreetly hidden in the truss above the stage, the system deploys two small 10” subs from the ID Series to provide low end.

And closing off an excellent run for the compact M6 line array system, Credit Agricole has opened its new auditorium at its headquarters in Guyancourt.

This is a much larger application of GEO M6, designed and installed by Novelty, together with NEXO’s ES Division engineers.

“This application is mainly for conferences, although they will sometimes feature a small band,” explains NEXO’s Christophe Girres.  “There are two clusters, each with four modules of GEO M620 cabinets, and augmented by two L15 subwoofers on the stage.  We’ve also used of our new super-compact ID14 speakers, with 100°x100° dispersion, for frontfills.  The entire system is powered by one NXAMP4x1Mk2 and a DTDAMP 4x 0.7.  The sound is clear and well-balanced, and there is more headroom than they will probably need, but the client is totally satisfied with the system.”