5월 2013 | 분류되지 않음 | Live Events | STM | USA

ESI Audio of Tampa provided audio production, and using NEXO STM for the Live Nation Amphitheatre main stage. Company President, Erick Celeiro, functioned as FOH tech and Ozzy Giron acted as monitor tech on the rig. The system consisted of 15x M46 Main cabinets flown each side with 15x B112 Bass cabinets, 32x S118 subs ground stacked, 10x NUAR racks each including 2x NXAMP4x4s, and 4x M46s stacked on S118 subs for front fills. The entire system was running from front of house over a Dante network to the amp racks. A Yamaha PM5D was at the front of house mix position.

About the new STM system, Live Nation Amphitheatre production manager Andy Martinez said, ” I have seen many systems come in and out of here, and never had a system that rigs and flies so easy and sounds amazing.” And, REO front of house engineer Neil Schaefer added, “I had the pleasure of using the NEXO STM, and having had plenty of time in front of NEXO rigs over the years, my expectations were high. The STM PA is very tidy with clever rigging. Most important, it sounded very good. Smooth, powerful, and responsive; a very nice rig indeed!”

The outdoor Pavilion Stage used a NEXO GEO T line array along with a Yamaha CL5 at front of house used by mix engineer Jan Javier, with a CL1 at monitors for engineer Rob “DH” Durkee. The Pavilion Stage hosted Lone Bellow, Tonic, Big Sam’s Funky Nation, and Dead Confederates. “They all loved the sound.”

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Photo ID: NEXO STM and Yamaha PM5D during FOH mix for Styx
Photo ID: L to R: Pat Clark, VP ESI, Yamaha’s Brian Coviello, Andy Martinez, Live Nation Amphitheater Technical Director