Club sound redefined at Thailand’s No.1 Arabic nightclub
Club sound redefined at Thailand’s No.1 Arabic nightclub

Club sound redefined at Thailand’s No.1 Arabic nightclub

6월 2024 | 분류되지 않음 | Night Clubs | GEO M12 | P+ Series | Thailand

Grand Tarboosh in Bangla Patong, Phuket is widely recognised as Thailand’s No.1 Arabic nightclub. Now owners have supercharged the experience for clubbers with a new NEXO GEO M12 sound system designed by Bangkok-based Fuzion Far East and installed by System Integrator Music Space.

“The goal was simple” reports the Fuzion Far East team, “To make every beat, note, and melody resonate with crystal clarity and chest-thumping power.”

The system at Grand Tarboosh comprises 12 x NEXO GEO M1210 and 4 x GEO M1220 line array elements positioned around the club with 8 x NEXO P15 point source speakers used as delays, ensuring an even distribution of sound throughout the club, eliminating any dead zones and providing a consistent audio experience for everyone.

Critically, the GEO M12 system is running in active mode with amplification from 7 x NEXO NXAMP4X4Mk2 Powered TD Controllers, equipped with the latest firmware LOAD5_28 which upgrades GEO M12 performance with an additional +4 dB gain and greater presence in the mid-range.

The bass at Grand Tarboosh is a revelation, with 8 x NEO RS18s providing a deep, resonant foundation, resulting in the music being  felt as much as heard.

DJs also enjoy a whole new level of sound quality, with a NEXO P18 / L20 sub monitoring solution ensuring that the people behind the decks have the best possible audio feed, inspiring them to perform at their peak.

“Regulars and newcomers alike are blown away by the new sound system” comments the team in conclusion. “The Grand Tarboosh Club has always been a hotspot, but now it’s a sonic paradise. The NEXO system has redefined what is possible in a club environment.”


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