5월 2013 | 분류되지 않음 | Live Events | 45N12 | Indonesia

For all, the objective was to bring together the best in jazz performances and concert production that Indonesia has to offer.  Andy Sutikno, the owner of Audio Teknika, NEXO’s newly appointed distributor for Indonesia, showcased a FOH system comprised of NEXO’s GEO D cardioid line array technology and its revolutionary 45°N12 monitors. As Andy explains, the plan “was to give an opportunity to world performers like Idang an idea of what a coupling monitor like the 45°N12 could bring to his performances.”

Throughout the three nights of the event, great responses about the quality of sound and the impressive event set-up were received from the participating artists, as well as from the great turn-out of local and visiting jazz fans.

Andy expands; “as NEXO’s new distributor, we are currently creating the base from which we will be able to support this kind of event with our local partners, making the most of the developing market segments that are being created by Indonesia’s continuing economic development”

Guy Owen, the F&B Manager of Pan Pacific, added: “Though this was only our second jazz event at the Pan Pacific, we have had many similar music promotions in the past, but never before have we heard a sound system that could offer this level of quality.  We look forward to working with this team in the near future.”



  1. 3x GED 10 per side
  2. 4x RS18
  3. NXAMP 4×4
  4. Mixer: Yamaha M7CL

On Stage

  1. 8x 45°N12
  2. NXAMP 4×4


Audio provided by: Audio Teknika:

Staging and lighting provided by: Rentalika

Pan Pacific: