4月 2013 | 未分类 | Live Events | STM | Malaysia

[Nexo thanks the good folks at E-Tech magazine in Singapore for this report on an amazing night for STM in south-east Asia.  See the links at the end of the article for the full experience in video!]

According to Rico Yong, the system engineer at Audio Solutions and one of the main brains behind the event, the celebration was a long time coming, “From the first time I heard the Nexo STM during the launch in Australia, I was amazed that not only can you rig an entire system with one person but for the first time ever, I can be standing next to a speaker during a show and not have to yell to be heard. It was from that point that I planned to let my fellow customers and friends in Malaysia experience and feel what I did.”

He continues, “ Tonight, for me, is about letting my friends and customers experience a technology so new that even the design of the cabinet is unique. I’m very thankful the weather worked for us as it was raining heavily the whole of today. We were very nervous and this is the first time that many industry kin from all over Asia will get the chance to hear the STM.  For the actual demo, we set up sound ranges at 30m, 75m and 100m. The 100m mark was supposed to be the limit, no-one expected the STM to be able to reach more than that and still maintain clear clarity and power. I was surprised when some guests pushed past the 100m and ironically, the best feedback came from them!  I am very proud to be part of this and I believe the STM can handle any challenges that come its way.”

Sales Manager for Nexo in Asia, Nicolas Kirsch, “Before the event I felt it was all or nothing. Not just because of the weather but also since it was Concept Associates and Audio Solutionsdoing something like this for the first time. When you go live, anything can happen, the only thing I was sure of were the people and the system but still anything can happen. But even if it was raining, the system would still sound amazing.” It was Nicolas who, when asked to describe the system in 5 words or less, labelled the Nexo STM as “Technically perfect.”

On the attendance to what was initially considered a small scale event, Nicolas comments, “The Asian distributors really surprised me. Many came with only a weeks notice and they brought with them  many of their clients and the result of this is, tonight we have started a wave all over Asia. Nexo is coming back to the touring market in full force and its a fantastic platform for our Asian business as Malaysia is very central and easy to access. I’m as happy as anyone here tonight especially for Shelby and Rico as its their first time setting up a show like this and finally tonight they are blessed with such a huge success.”

Shelby Liew, the Marketing Executive at Concept Associates, was the other main brain behind the planning, set-up and co-ordination of the event. “This event wasn’t merely a launching seminar or a showcase, it served to re-engage and strengthen the relationship of our company and our valued business partners. It turned out better than I expected, and right now, no words can describe how i feel. This is my first event in the industry and I’m so touched by the support especially from Mubari Group of Companies(Mubari G.O.C) who were the first in South East Asia to use the Nexo STM and also sponsored the event along with providing all the logistics that made this night possible. They did a great job during the set-up and I am really thankful.”

We also heard from some of the attendees of the night such as Yamaha Music Asia Assistant General Manager of PA/CA Marketing, Lawrence Tan who said, “ This is my first time hearing it and I am certainly looking forward to it coming to Singapore where I am based. The sound is different from any line I’ve heard and its a big system on a large scale and more importantly its a scalable system, which is impressive on its own. It can be used from small to large venues and this is means it had the potential to be used in Singapore’s sport hubs and stadiums.”

Before expanding into the Asian market, the Nexo system had already built up a reputation for itself in Europe with shows for Ina Mueller featuring nine M46s and nine B112s  along with six S118 subs in a venue with a 6’500 capacity and German Pink Floyd tribute band, Floyd Reloaded.

Siswa Azmi Mubari (aka Ajun Mubari), Director at Mubari G.O.C, spoke about how it was, that Nexo was able to blow out the competition despite the heat that came after the rain. He says, “Considering that tonight is such a hot night, it should be harder to hear because the sound particles in the air separate with heat. So if you can still hear the clarity and pitch perfectly, even after passing the 100m mark, a system has to be really good. I am really impressed with Concept Associates’ and Nexo’s event and this is one of the few events where I can gather with friends I haven’t seen in a long time and have the chance to chit-chat with them while discussing how Nexo STM can help us all do better in our respective businesses.”

With the presentation being the first time the launch would take place in front of many from South East Asia, Val Gilbert, Nexo’s Technical System Specialist along with Nicholas were asked to speak about the system before the demo. He spoke of the various uses and how the system can be used to improve the efficiency of set-up as it is quite straight forward and can be rigged with just one man or woman. He spoke to us before the event saying, “I always get the pre-show jitters because I am so passionate about good products, and the Nexo STM is really a good product.” It was only after the presentation and the demonstration that he managed to calm down and enjoy the evening saying, “It went better than expected, now I can relax and breathe.” To this we managed to squeeze in a question about the evasive OMNI module which is the 8” downfill and only element of the Nexo STM array that has yet to be released. When pressed for its release date, Val quips: “It will be released when it’s perfect. Just like the rest of the system.”

Of the entire evening, the best experience came from those who attended and were treated to a demonstration that you could feel in your bones. It was a great evening for a great product. Andrew Lee, Marketing Director, Concept Associates ended off the night with, “everyone has finally experienced the true sound of STM.”

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