4月 2020 | 未分类 | ETC Trainings | France

NEXO’s Engineering Support Division has now placed its series of training webinars on YouTube so that they can be accessed and enjoyed by anybody, without time or date limitations.

This rich resource library includes all the favourite webinars that have been broadcast during the lockdown, including Introduction to NS-1, Fundamentals of Acoustics, Directive Subs and Design, System Measurement & Tuning, System Control and Monitoring, as well as several classes on application-specific topics using NEXO systems.

“We’ve carefully considered these sessions so that they will also interest engineers and venue owners/operators who may not yet be familiar with NEXO systems,” explains Nicolas Poitrenaud, our lead trainer.  “We are confident that these sessions will provide skills and knowledge to enhance the business activities of many professionals, especially in these difficult times.”

To access the webinars, please click here.