NEXO GEO M10 and P+ Series deliver superior sound and versatility at Rhyl Pavilion Theatre
NEXO GEO M10 and P+ Series deliver superior sound and versatility at Rhyl Pavilion Theatre

NEXO GEO M10 and P+ Series deliver superior sound and versatility at Rhyl Pavilion Theatre

2月 2022 | 未分类 | Theatres | GEO M10 | United Kingdom

Located on the waterfront in the North Wales seaside resort of Rhyl, the 1031-seat Pavilion Theatre hosts touring theatre productions, comedy acts and music tours, alongside playing a key role at the heart of the community, staging local cultural events and school productions.

When the theatre’s Technical Manager Andy Hughes was tasked with replacing the existing PA with a modern, versatile system capable of handling everything from a comedy gig to a rock & roll show, one brand came immediately to mind.

“I had heard a lot of systems in the theatre over the years from touring shows, including many big-named brands and NEXO always really stood out sound wise”.

Andy approached the highly experienced entertainment technology specialists A.C. Entertainment Technologies (AC-ET), where Senior Audio Sales Executive Steve Eaton turned to the Engineering Support Team at the NEXO Campus in France to design the system. With an extensive history in theatre sound, NEXO Engineering Support Manager Bertrand Billon was the perfect person for the job.

“Designing a ground stacked system for a multi-level theatre is always a challenge” says Bertrand. “It’s important to strike the right balance between long throw and not overpowering the audience at the front. At the Pavilion Theatre, we took advantage of stacking GEO M10 on top of the MSUB18s, giving us the extra height required to avoid creating a hot spot in the front rows. The removable directivity flanges helped us to achieve this soft spot at the front, changing the horizontal directivity from 90° to 120° without requiring a completely different version of the cabinet.

“NEXO NS-1 prediction software allowed us to create an accurate model of the venue” continues Bertrand. “This enabled us to discuss options and constraints with the team at the theatre prior to installation. It also made our onsite fine-tuning session quick and easy, providing additional time to train the crew in using NEXO’s Nemo remote-control software, and also NS-1 so they can successfully deploy the system in remote locations for special events.”

“NEXO were very helpful and accommodating, leaving us with a system for a week to test within the theatre to ensure we were happy” says Andy Hughes, taking up the story again. “All this, along with the support from AC-ET, even through the pandemic, helped make the decision.”

AC-ET supplied over 65 products from the NEXO range, including; GEO M10 line array modules, MSUB18 subs, ID24 speakers for front fills and beaming sound under balconies to ensure even coverage throughout the venue, NXAMPMK2 powered controllers and P+ series point source loudspeakers. Only the ID24s are permanently installed, providing the flexibility to use the system at events at other locations, as and when they occur.

The system was installed by the theatre’s house staff. “Using the NS-1 software, our team was able to install and configure the NEXO system and it sounded great” reports Andy. “We then had the NEXO experts come and help us fine tune. The finished result is absolutely outstanding!”

AC-ET’s, Steve Eaton commented: “I’ve been working with Andy and Leon at the Pavilion on this project for a couple of years now, so it’s great to see it all come together. The system had to be extremely versatile to use in the theatre itself, the outdoor arena next door, plus all the other venues and sport centres under their jurisdiction. The combination of NEXO’s GEO M10 line array and their stunning new P+ series speakers helped us deliver the versatility required.”