NEXO brings sophisticated sound to Zenn, where guests can dine, drink and dance
NEXO brings sophisticated sound to Zenn, where guests can dine, drink and dance

NEXO brings sophisticated sound to Zenn, where guests can dine, drink and dance

1月 2023 | 未分类 | Bars & Restaurants | ID Series | P+ Series | United Kingdom

Liverpool is a city famous for its nightlife and competition is fierce in the leisure and hospitality industries. So, when experienced bar and club operator Kevin Midgley and his team made their first move into the restaurant sector with the spectacular Zenn on Victoria Street in the heart of the city, it was clear to the owners that every detail of the venue and offering would have to be perfect to create an experience that continuously exceeds customer expectations and inspires discerning diners and guests to spread the word.

From a world-class team in the kitchen to its Instagram-worthy bathroom mirrors, this 3-storey restaurant, bar, and roof terrace oozes quality in every aspect of its design. And nowhere is this more apparent than the NEXO sound system installed by Kevin’s long-time collaborator Gary Wynne at A to Z.

“I’ll never forget the look on the venue owner’s face when I powered up my first NEXO installation more than 20 years ago” says Gary. “He simply couldn’t believe the power from such a compact system. From that day on, I’ve always specified NEXO speakers whenever the budget allows, and I knew that NEXO would be perfect for Zenn.”

The system was supplied by Essex-based NEXO distributor Audiologic, where Applications Engineer Diogo Scutti designed the system using NEXO’s NS-1 configuration and simulation software.

The ground floor restaurant level is split into 3 zones, with 6 x NEXO P10 point source loudspeakers distributed throughout the main dining area, supplemented by NEXO’s ultra-compact ID24s to infill the supplementary spaces and another P10 in the DJ booth. A pair of ID24s are also deployed in an outside area to cover guests who may be waiting to get into the venue, and 4 x NEXO L15 subs extend the low-end response on the ground floor.

Seven ID24s and an additional pair of L15 subs are deployed on the mezzanine level overlooking the restaurant, while the roof terrace bar features 5 x ID24s and 2 x L15 subs. All amplification and processing come from a rack of 4 x NEXO NXAMP4X2MK2 4-channel powered controllers.

“Being able to vary the HF dispersion for the P10s and ID24s was a great help in achieving even coverage throughout each of the zones” reports Diogo. “And I was impressed by how closely the performance of the installed system followed the software predictions. NS-1 also enabled us to produce comprehensive documentation to hand over to Gary who did a really great job on the install.”

At Zenn, NEXO provides a compact, visually unobtrusive system that delivers a clear, full range sound with even SPL coverage throughout the restaurant, bar, and rooftop areas, creating a distinctive daytime vibe without interrupting the flow of conversation amongst diners and drinkers. And when the sun goes down and the DJs arrive, the system has the power and punch necessary to fill the dancefloor as the venue morphs seamlessly from a luxury restaurant and bar to a vibrant and sophisticated club.

“I remember thinking how big a sound system would have to be to fill a space this large” says Kevin, recalling the first time he walked into the vast, empty building that would become Zenn. “And now most of our customers don’t even notice that the NEXO system is there.”


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