New NEXO installation delivers a sophisticated audience experience at Boisdale live music restaurant
New NEXO installation delivers a sophisticated audience experience at Boisdale live music restaurant

New NEXO installation delivers a sophisticated audience experience at Boisdale live music restaurant

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With locations in Belgravia, Bishopsgate and Canary Wharf, Boisdale live music restaurants are recognised as amongst the finest in London, venues at which customers can enjoy a unique, supper club vibe that combines fantastic dining with world-class entertainment.

Attention to detail is key to offering a memorable customer experience, and that includes sound quality. So, the system at Boisdale’s largest property in Canary Wharf has recently been replaced by a new, all-NEXO installation comprising of speakers from the GEO M6, ID Series and ePS ranges, with amplification from 11 Dante-networked NEXO NXAMP4X2MK2 powered processors.

“We strive to offer our customers the best of everything, from the moment they walk through the door” explains Boisdale Commercial and Marketing Director Adam Priestley. “Alongside a premium food, drink and entertainment offering, it’s also important to curate the right atmosphere, and sound is a big part of this.

“Most importantly of course, we want performers and audience alike to experience the very best live sound, and that’s exactly what they get with NEXO.”

The system was designed by the Engineering Support Team at the NEXO campus in Plailly, France, using the company’s NS-1 configuration and performance modelling software, with the final installation handled by Oxford-based Event Production Services.

NEXO UK Sales Manager Andy Simmons takes up the story. “There are 4 GEO M620s in the main clusters in the live music area. And, of course, it’s important that every seat in the house gets a good view of the stage, so flying the L15 subs and locating IDS110 subs under the stage really did the trick.

“It’s also important that the whole audience gets even coverage of SPL and frequency response in what is actually quite a complex space, so we used a 3-box GEO M620 cluster as a delay, with ID24’s as font fills, fills for adjacent rooms and for a large bay window space to the side of the venue. The facility to change the horizontal coverage of the bottom delay speaker made it easy to achieve even coverage further away from the stage, so now every table gets to see and hear the performance without compromise.

And the sound on stage is every bit as good as the front of house, with a fully active monitoring system comprising of 8 NEXO P12 wedges, with a P12 and L15 sub for the drum fill.

In the downstairs bar, NEXO’s new ePS 6 and ePS 8 point-source speakers are deployed in the main and adjacent rooms, with compact ID24s covering the area directly in front of the bar. And 4 IDS210 subs are literally part of the furniture, bookending the banquette seating while extending the LF response for Boisdale’s popular nightly DJ sets.

“Obviously we get a lot of visiting engineers here and the praise for the new system is universal” reports Boisdale Head of Sound Ido Tavori. “We also get great feedback from our audiences. The new NEXO system plays a really important role in the customer experience here at Boisdale.”

And it seems the bands are equally impressed with the new NEXO system. Following a show by acid jazz legends The Brand New Heavies, vocalist / guitarist Simon Bartholomew commented: “The difference in sound at Boisdale since the new NEXO sound system was installed for the band and audience is pronounced. They got the right guys for the job and a show ain’t a show without good sound.”

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