ID Series makes a big impact at B’moovd Sportsbar & Bowling
ID Series makes a big impact at B’moovd Sportsbar & Bowling

ID Series makes a big impact at B’moovd Sportsbar & Bowling

10月 2023 | 未分类 | Bars & Restaurants | ID Series | Germany

10-pin bowling always was a fun way for friends and family to spend an evening together. But things have come a long way in recent years, with developments like Brunswick’s Spark® technology harnessing exciting video content and new game concepts to make bowling a truly interactive and immersive experience for a new generation of tech-savvy bowlers.

In the German city of Wolfsburg (famous as the location for the VW headquarters and the world’s biggest car plant), operators of the new B’moovd Sportsbar & Bowling were determined to offer customers a whole new level of leisure and hospitality experience than had been on offer from a previous bowling venue on the same site.

A trip south to Bowl & Co in Leonberg was an opportunity to see Brunswick Spark® immersive bowling in action, and to experience the NEXO ID Series sound system installed there by AV technology specialists Fein Media.

“The owners of B’moovd were clearly impressed by what they heard in Leonberg, as they soon asked us to propose a system for their venue” reports Fein Media Planning and Sales Manager Mario Schmidt from the company’s base in Karlsruhe.

“To be honest, even we were blown away by the performance of the ID Series system in Leonberg, so NEXO was clearly the way to go at B’moovd also.”

With billiard tables, darts, sports bar, dining and other leisure opportunities on offer, B’moovd is about much than bowling, and the design of the sound system reflects the requirements of a versatile venue that can go from games to screening a big football game and then hosting a DJ set, all in one evening.

“The audio is split into 7 discrete zones and it’s easy for operators to select sources and route sound with video content to screens and video walls using a touchscreen” explains Mario. “And, of course, there’s lots of headroom in the system to create a real party atmosphere when required.”

A total of 36 x NEXO ID24 compact loudspeakers are supplemented by 28 x IDS110 subs, all discreetly ceiling-mounted throughout the venue, with subs deployed in cardioid pairs over the bowling area to keep the LF energy out of the reverberant spaces above the lanes. In VIP lanes on either side of the main bowling area, customers are invited to connect their own playlists via Bluetooth® and curate their own party vibe.

Amplification and processing for the entire system covering bowling lanes, billiard tables and dart boards, bar, dining and leisure areas is provided by 10 x NEXO NXAMP4X1Mk2 Powered Controllers, each equipped with NXAEDT AES/Dante™ network cards.

“We’re beginning to see the NEXO ID Series emerging as a standard for these types of installations in Germany” says Mario in conclusion. “And not just because of its performance. It’s also extremely compact and visually unobtrusive, and much more aligned to typical budgets than solutions from other manufacturers.”


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