6月 2017 | 未分类 | Houses of Worship | GEO S12 | LS18 | PS Series | USA

A GEO S12 line array system, teamed with Yamaha QL5 mixer, forms the core of a high-quality audio system installed in a 800+ capacity church auditorium in Michigan.

Advanced Systems Group (ASG) of Fort Wayne, Indiana, installed this NEXO and Yamaha system in the main sanctuary of Victory Life Church, located in Battle Creek, Michigan, as well as a smaller system in the church’s multi-purpose room.

Victory Life Church has a congregation of approximately 2,000 and seats 820 members, running multiple services on Saturday evenings and Sunday mornings with additional programs during the week. A contemporary worship service, the church uses 8-12 musicians on a rotatable schedule. The band performs its own original music as well as mainstream worship music, and is always mindful that their sound and quality is performed with excellence.

ASG provides high quality audio, video, lighting, and acoustics for the house of worship and sound reinforcement markets. “We provided a Yamaha QL Digital Audio Console to the church for demo purposes and they loved it,” states Rick Stewart of ASG who designed the system. “Regarding the NEXO systems, the church based its decision on our recommendation. This was a design/build project so we made our selection, and the Yamaha and NEXO combination was perfect for both installations. Dante was a key component to interface with the church Shure Wireless Systems/Yamaha Rio input/output boxes for multiple rooms and capable of network audio.”

The sanctuary system consists of a NEXO GEO S12 system, two NEXO STM subs, two PS10s, two NXAmp 4×4 amplifiers with Dante cards, and a Yamaha QL5 with a Rio 3224-D input output box.

“We always encourage our team to bring their very best to God as worship,” states Caleb Sunnock, Worship Pastor. “The quality of the Yamaha and NEXO system has taken our sound and creativity to the next level.”

The smaller multi-purpose room holds approximately 200 and is used primarily for youth meetings, worship and band practices. “A combination of NEXO PS speakers and a Yamaha TF5 Digital Audio Console were chosen for the room and provide a great sound, consistency, and fidelity for all groups,” says Stewart.

NEXO speakers are positioned left/right, to provide full concert venue quality sound in stereo with side fills to cover the outside wings. The multi-purpose room system consists of two NEXO PS10s, two LS600 subs, NEXO NXAmp 4×1 amplifier with Dante card, and the Yamaha TF5 and Tio1608-D i/o rack. “Although small in footprint, the sound quality astounded the church at their very first meeting,” notes Stewart.

“The Yamaha and NEXO systems have surpassed our expectation in every way,” states James Sunnock, Lead Pastor. “Being a lead pastor, I knew sound and quality were important, but, not being experienced with music first hand, I had no idea just how important good, clear, quality sound is in creating the worship experience. At times, it’s easy to look at the dollars being invested in a system and begin to feel that maybe it’s about the production. In reality, by investing in a quality system, distractions are removed, allowing the focus to be on the worship experience. Literally, when walking through our new worship center, before service, I had to look up to see if I was hearing a CD playing or if the band was still practising. It was our worship team practising!”