9月 2021 | 未分类 | Corporate | ePS Series | France

NEXO unveils the new ePS Series of loudspeakers for professional installation.  Three 2-way passive cabinets and two partner subbass units are the first models in a new ‘utility’ range, which delivers high-quality European engineering at a cost-effective price that will galvanise budget-sensitive projects.

Drawing on 25 years of success with the legendary PS Series, NEXO engineers have taken a no-frills approach to this new range, slimming down connection and mounting options, and taking advantage of new manufacturing techniques and driver design to hit unprecedented price points for its industry-standard point source products.  ePS models will provide a way for many public and private installation projects to access a NEXO-badged system without breaking the bank.

Designed specifically for fixed installation, the ePS Series packages all the NEXO hallmarks of high output, superior coverage patterns, directional control and musical performance into compact trapezoidal-shaped wooden enclosures, with steel grilles for IP54 (and IP55) certified weather resistance.

The ePS range features three lightweight point source models, in 6”, 8” and 10” iterations.  Each cabinet includes a 1.4” HF driver and lightweight LF driver, with NEXO’s trademark rotatable horn design offering dispersion options to the user.

Presented in Baltic birch plywood, the ePS6, ePS8 and ePS10 offer Peak SPL stats of 125, 128 and 130dB respectively.  The ePS6 weighs in at just 7.1kg, with a footprint of 367 mm x 200 mm x 182 mm, and has a frequency response of 90 Hz – 20 kHz.  The ePS8 weighs 8.1Kg, has a profile of 425 mm x 252 mm x 227 mm and a frequency response of 80 Hz – 20 kHz.  The most powerful of the three models, the ePS 10 weighs 14.8Kg, is 533 mm x 318 mm x 283 mm and has a frequency response of 70 Hz – 20 kHz.

All three cabinets are minimally fitted with a hard-wired strip for connection, offering generic 2x 7 mm pitch IN/OUT screws connectors.  The IP cover protects the connectors from moisture in outdoor applications.  On each side of the cabinet, two M6 with 80mm pitch and one M10 fitting allow connection to U Bracket, bumper or eye bolts.  The back of each speaker is fitted with 3x M6 with 70mm pitch for wallmount in both horizontal and vertical positions.

All units are finished in black structural paint (white and all other RAL colours are available to order), with a UV-resistant acoustic fabric stretched over the front grille.

All NEXO loudspeakers are partnered by a dedicated sub-bass option, although they are phase-compatible with any model from the NEXO range.  In the case of the ePS Series, two powerful compact subs are being released – the single-12” eLS400 and single-15” eLS600, which match the aesthetic of the full-range cabinets.

The eLS400 is a compact installation sub that can be stacked or flown, thanks to its discrete easy-to-integrate design.  Weighing just 14.5kg, and measuring 365mm x 425mm x 447mm, this single 12” sub has been conceived as the partner for both the ePS6 and ePS8 cabinets.

The eLS600 is 425mm x 533mm x 562mm and weighs 26.3kg, using a high-excursion 15” driver in a bass-reflex enclosure design capable of 136dB peak output.  It is designed to partner the ePS8 and ePS10.  Cleverly, the width and height dimensions of the rectangular subs perfectly match their partner main cabinets: a dedicated accessory allows the ePS to be flown beneath the subwoofer, creating small-footprint wideband systems that are visually pleasing.

On the four sides of the cabinet, two M10 fittings connect the eLS600 to U bracket, eye-bolts or dedicated accessories.  Unused M10 fittings can be used for extra rigging points in areas where legislation requires it.  Rear connection is via two (in/out) pairs of screws terminal blocks, while the included IP cover protects the connectors from moisture in outdoor applications.

Systems composed of ePS and eLS elements have the advantage of high-quality components familiar to all users of NEXO’s premium systems, coupled with the unique processing capabilities of the NXAMPmk2 amplifiers.