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Symmetrical Architecture

M28 Omni and M46 Main modules employ 2 x 8″ and 4 x 6.5″ long excursion drivers respectively in a symmetrical configuration. HF drivers use Keytone Polymer diaphragms to eliminate distortion up to 18kHz. Diagram 1 shows the M28 Omni Module.

Flat membrane MF drivers for uninterrupted HF expansion

The use of flat membrane MF drivers in the M46 Main Module allows the HF exiting between the baffles to expand uninterrupted, ensuring smooth frequency response and consistent horizontal coverage. Diagram 1 shows conventional HF diffraction using cone MF drivers, while Diagram 2 shows the smooth HF propagation along MF flat membrane drivers.

CCD patented technology for variable horizontal dispersion in the M28 Omni Module

Diagram 1 shows 90˚ horizontal dispersion, while Diagram 2 shows 120˚ horizontal dispersion.

Patented vent design for improved efficiency

M28 and M46 Modules feature a patented venting design in which all radiating surfaces are in phase, improving efficiency, frequency response and coverage. The Diagram shows the M46 main Module’s patented venting design.

The effect of vent designs on MF coverage

Diagram 1 shows how phase problems in conventional venting designs impair MF coverage. Diagram 2 shows how the patented STM vent design ensures all radiating surfaces are in phase, improving MF coverage.

Patented 3D Hyperbolic Reflector for HF summing up to 20kHz without interference

M28 Omni and M46 Main modules employ NEXO’s patented Hyperbolic Reflector. In the M46, four HRW™ waveguides are assembled into a symmetrical 90º pattern, shaping the HF wavefront such that the HF sums up to 20kHz without interference.

4 HRW™ waveguides are assembled into a symmetrical 90º pattern in the M46 Main Module.

The effect of the HRW™ waveguide on HF wave expansion

These CAD constructions show the effect of HRW™ waveguide on HF wave expansion, from desired wavefront (flat, concave or convex), to conicoid mirror definition to physical device. The plot shows STM HF waveguide coverage versus theoretical 5° curved linear source.

S118 sub-bass patented acoustic nozzle minimizes distortion

Existing sub-bass cabinet designs use vented enclosures to increase low frequency efficiency. However the rate of airflow associated with high sound pressure levels creates turbulences (or vortexes) in conventional vent designs, impeding smooth airflow . Until now, the only solution has been to increase the cross section of the vent and, consequently, the size and volume of the cabinet. Deployed in the STM S118, NEXO replaces the vent with a patented acoustic nozzle, profiled to ensure a consistent laminar airflow through the device, minimising distortion in the low frequencies.

Diagram 1 shows air traveling through a conventional vent, while Diagram 2 shows air travelling through the S118 acoustic nozzle.

Improved control over bass frequency directivity

Compact and extremely powerful, the STM S118 sub bass module employs a single 18″ driver, yet achieves performance levels similar to NEXO’s acclaimed CD18 2×18″ sub-bass cabinet, through innovative cabinet design.

In addition to high performance levels from a compact cabinet design, the S118 is also designed for a high level of directional control, achieved through the facility to configure cabinets in omnidirectional, cardioid side-by-side, or cardioid back-to-back modes. Diagram 1 shows omnidirectional configuration, Diagram 2 shows back-to-back configuration with maximized efficiency in VLF range, and Diagram 3 shows side-by-side configuration, with a 45º outward tilted beam.

Innovative PistonRig™, REDLock™ and CompassRig™

Innovative PistonRig™, REDLock™ and CompassRig™ rigging allows the technical aspects of system rigging to be safely carried out by one person. Using a compression-mode rigging method, the system remains completely flat during rigging, and requires no lifting or pushing. Array angles realised after lifting. PistonRig™ allows pre-setting of inter-cabinet angle values on M46 Main and B112 Bass modules. REDLock™ handle locks front rigging points from rear of cabinet. All adjustments made from one position at rear of cluster. Fully compatible with the other STM modules, CompassRig™ and REDLock™ rigging enables the M28 Omni module to fly in tension mode 10˚-12.5˚-15˚ and in compression mode 0.2˚ to 15˚.

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