Configure the perfect system
for every event


The STM system comprises 4 proportionallly-sized modules from which systems of any size and scale can be configured: M28 Omi-Purpose, M46 Main, B112 Bass and S118 Sub. Configuration possibilities include M28 Omni or M46 Main cabinets only, Omni/Main + Bass, Omni/Main + Sub, Omni/Main + Bass + Sub, any of which can be supplemented by the M28 Omni module operating as a downfill.

STM M28 Omni-Purpose Module

Injection-moulded all-purpose loudspeaker cabinet which fulfils the role of downfill, providing 90°/120° of horizontal dispersion and 0° to 15° splaying angle between modules. Same width…


STM M46 Main Module

Injection-moulded high-power cabinet with innovative components for enhanced performance. Flat-membrane drivers ensure completely even and full-range coverage over entire 90° horizontal dispersion. HF frequency range…


STM B112 Bass Module

Injection-moulded bass cabinet featuring a Neodymium high excursion 3000W 12" bass driver with 4" voice coil. It has the same format – dimensions, weight, gravity…


STM S118 Sub Module

Sub-bass cabinet featuring a Neodymium high excursion 3000W 18" driver. A bandpass load ensures SPL output equivalent to conventional dual 18" sub-basses. Same width, double…


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