A new level of versatility in subwoofers

Single RS Cabinets

Single RS15/18s have an asymmetrical pattern in the horizontal plane (i.e. speakers on the side) which is tilted 30° off-axis; vertical pattern is symmetrical.

RS Cabinets used in pairs

There are three ways of using pairs of RS15/18s in directional mode; side, back to back, and face to face (50cm/20″ between grids). All of these configurations have symmetrical patterns with a smooth 15dB attenuation at the rear over the entire RS15/18 bandwidth, but significantly different horizontal coverage. Back to back configuration has a -3dB coverage which decreases from 120° at 31.5Hz to 60° at 100Hz.

Side Configuration

Side configuration has a constant -3dB coverage of 120° from 31.5Hz to 100Hz.

Face to Face Configuration

Face to face configuration has a -3dB coverage which increases from 120° at 31.5Hz to 180° at 100Hz.

RS Arrays

Flying RS15/18 columns can significantly improve low frequency coverage in the vertical plane, and therefore over audience depth, provided height is sufficient. A 12-cabinet cluster flown at 10m/30ft will provide a +/- 3dB pressure level deviation at 100Hz over an audience area 75m/200ft deep, while maintaining 15 to 20dB attenuation on stage.

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