Plug & play power and processing for all NEXO systems

Power & Processing

NEXO Power and Processing devices feature presets for NEXO cabinets, making it easy to configure amplification solutions for single or mixed cabinet systems. Amplification options range from the nanoNXAMP4 – ideal for smaller ePS and ID Series installations – through to the mighty NXAMPMk2 and NUAR rack which provide power and processing in a convenient and scalable form factor for large, touring systems.


Available in 4 X 1300 Watts, 4 X 2500 Watts and 4 X 4500 Watts versions, the NXAMPMK2 combines advanced signal processing with state-of-the-art four channel Class D amplifiers to create a flexible, light-weight powering and control solution for NEXO loudspeaker systems.


Available in standard and Dante-equipped versions, the 4-channel nanoNXAMP4 combined amplification and processing solution significantly reduces the cost of NEXO ID and ePS Series systems for retail, hospitality, houses of worship and corporate installations, without compromising the sound quality. 

On-board mixer and matrix functions further reduce the overall cost of smaller installations, with set up and remote control enabled by an embedded web page that can be accessed via Ethernet or Wi-Fi. 



The NEXO Universal Amp Rack Mk2 (NUARMk2) provides NEXO users with a scalable, ‘plug & play’, amplified audio distribution solution of unrivalled power and flexibility. Systems of any size can be configured easily using channel by channel preset selection of any NEXO cabinet, and digital output patching.



Now it’s possible to choose amplification from other manufacturers or extend the life of existing amplification in a wide range of NEXO loudspeaker applications from small mobile systems to more sophisticated multi-cabinet installations. Available in touring and install versions and with advanced speaker control processing taken from the NEXO NXAMP, the DTD Digital TD Controller also delivers dramatic improvements in sonic performance over previous analog TD Controllers.

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