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At home in any environment

With a shared sonic signature, ID Series speakers create thrilling and immersive sonic experiences in the most complex acoustic environments. And to ensure a low visual impact, ID84 column speakers, ID14 super-compact speakers and ID24 compact speakers can be specified in black, white or custom RAL colours.

IP54 Rated

ID Series speakers are available in touring and fixed installation versions. Install versions of the ID24 and ID84 are IP54 rated for outdoor use (ID14/IP55).

Touring and Installation Connectivity

Connectivity on ID Series touring versions is via Speakon connectors on the rear plate, while Installation versions use a cable gland with a 2 core cable for audio input.

Dedicated subs

Complementing ID Series speakers are four compact, powerful subs, (1 x 8”, 1 x 10”,  2 x 10” and 3 x 12”) all available in install and touring versions. With a low-profile, sleek design, ID Series subs are easily installed discretely in a wide range of locations – within walls, staircases, under furniture and more. And as a dedicated partner for the ID84, the IDS312 sub can accommodate the column mounted directly on top, creating an elegant, compact full range system.


ID84 Floor Standing

ID84s can be pole mounted on a base board to create an elegant, freestanding system.

ID84 Wall Mounting

ID accessories make it easy to wall-mount ID84 columns.

ID84 Rigging Clamp

Rigging clamps are available for truss-mounting.

ID14 Wall Mounting

M6 inserts with a 73 mm pitch are ready to receive NEXO IDI wall mounting accessories.

ID14 Mic Stand Mounting

A threaded M10 on each side of the ID14 enables mounting on a microphone stand.

ID14 Pole Mounting

The ID14 can be pole-mounted on the ID S108 sub for mobile applications.

ID14 Sub Mounting

The ID14 can be mounted directly onto the ID S108 sub.

ID14 Stage Front-Fill

Use ID14 to ‘beam’ sound into the first rows of the audience from the stage, ensuring total coverage and the best listening experience throughout a venue.

ID24 Horizontal Mounting

Compact and powerful, ID speakers and subs are ideal for discreet horizontal placement, bracketed to walls or ceilings.

ID24 Vertical Mounting

With innovative V formation drivers, ID24 is equally at home whether mounted horizontally or vertically.

ID24 Under Balcony

Ideal for theatre applications, ID24 units can be used under balconies to reach the audience areas that the main system does not cover.

ID24 Stage Front Fill

Use ID24 to ‘beam’ sound into the first rows of the audience from the stage, ensuring total coverage and the best listening experience throughout a venue.

ID24 Pole Mounting

For touring applications, ID24 can be quickly and easily pole-mounted using the optional IDT-TVP mounting

ID24 Flown and Wedge

For live sound applications, ID24 is a single box solution that can be flown or even used as a wedge thanks to its innovative angled design.

Typical Education System

1 x ID84 + 1 x ID24 per side powered by NXAMP4X1MK2 (one channel per cabinet).

Typical Bar System

3 x ID24 + 1 x IDS110 per side powered by DTD/1 x DTDAMP4X1.3 .

Typical House of Worship System

2 x ID84 + 2 x ID84L per side powered by NXAMP4X2MK2.

Typical Immersive System

8 x 2 x ID14 per side powered by NXAMP4X1MK2.

Typical Airport System

2 x ID84 per channel powered by NXAMP4X2MK2.

Typical Retail System

2 x ID84, 1 x IDS312 and 4 x ID24 per side, powered by NXAMP4X1MK2.

Typical Sports Stadium System

1 x ID84 per channel, powered by NXAMP4X1MK2.

Typical Theatre System

2 x ID84 FOH, 4 x ID24 front fills and 2 x ID24 side fills, powered by NXAMP4X1MK2.

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